History of Inner Ally

Inner Ally

Inner Ally

Inner Ally is a crossover band that hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their music brings you back to the vocal driven guitar rock of the 1970’s and 1980’s. The band features great rhythms and strong multi part harmonies. Using cover songs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today, the band aims to choose specific songs with specific lyrics to weave into every performance a message of hope. As a lyric from the song “Stand By You” says “Look around you and you’ll see. It’s not as bad as you imagine it to be”.

The band released its debut E.P. entitled “E.P. ONE” in April of 2017.  This first EP features three original songs: “The Key”, a warm and different telling of the Easter Story, “Kathy’s Song ’17”, a song that was originally released by Frank Patek as a solo song, as well as “Stand By You”, which was an Akademia Award Winner for Best Rock Song for February 2016; also from his unreleased solo project.

Forming in July of 2014, all but three of the members (Steve Nelsen, Frank Patek, Lori Stelloh) left in the summer of 2015. The summer and fall of 2015 were spent searching for the right replacements. This eventually led to the current line-up of Rob Anderson (Bass Guitar), Katherine Greiner (Lead Vocals), Steve Nelsen (Drums), Frank Patek (Lead Vocals, Guitar. Keyboards, Drums), Kathy Patek (Backup Vocals), Lori Stelloh (Backup Vocals) and Steve Seuss (Lead Guitar, vocals). 

The leader of the group is Frank Patek. Our Band Manager is Tim Pierce.  Our Production Manager and Sound Specialist is Victoria Anderson.  For booking, email us at:  Innerally@myinnerally.com.