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Hey All!

The band wanted me to reach out to all of our "Allies" and fill you all in on what's been going on since our last show on December 30th.

We are currently in the studio recording for our next project which we have decided will be an entire album and will include the three songs on "EP ONE".  We've completed 2 songs already and we are really excited as they have both turned out better than expected. Check out our facebook page (inner0ally) to see our recent video uploads from the studio. Last Sunday we took a break from recording and went live on Facebook and did our rendition of "Blue Suede Shoes" - check that out it's cool. 

We've already been confirmed to return to 3 different events from last year. More on that later as we need to confirm dates and times. 

Until next time stay blessed and we'll see all you Allies on Facebook at Inner0Ally!




2018-01-30 12:18:59 - Jane Barry-Fraundorf
Hi everyone, Welcome and REALLY glad to have you here! Thanks so much for visiting and checking us out! I'm Jane Barry-Fraundorf, A.K.A., "Sweet Baby Jane", (the Keyboardist/one of the Background Vocalists for "Inner Ally")! Thanks for stopping by! For those of you who may not know me/our cool Band, Inner Ally yet, we are a very fun, fun-loving, energetic, exciting Family-Friendly group of Musicians, who absolutely LOVE Music and playing/Performing for our ever-growing in numbers, Audience and Blessing and Inspiring them and touching their Lives every step of the way, with our unique blend of Classic Rock/Crossover Musical selections/"Covers", with a touch of Reggae, Country and even Funk/Disco thrown in, for some neat Variety...we like to keep our Audiences guessing what the next Song will be... and what kind of our own, personal Version and "Spin" on it they will get! We also specialize in a really nice variety of ORIGINAL Songs, such as on our C.D.'s and the 3-song E.P. featured here, which range of everything from some really fun, enegetic Tunes, to highly introspective, touching, meaningful and soul-searching Selections to everything in-between; truly, something for everyone! So, Please be sure to check out some Songs from our first, breakthrough C.D./E.P., featured here, as well as, on "Reverb Nation", our personal Website, Facebook, etc.; and stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Studio, here, on "Facebook Live", our Website, as well, etc.; and be sure, if you haven't done so already, to "Like" us on Facebook at "InnerOAlly"! Lastly, become an "Ally"..and we'll bring the fun right to you....because when Inner Ally comes, it's ALWAYS a good, clean, entertaining Party!; and we bring the Party WITH us...for ALL to enjoy! Blessings to everyone out there and hope to see you/hear from, our current...and future Allies...SOON!! Look forward to seeing you at the next SHOW!!
2018-01-30 10:43:33 - Victoria Anderson
Hi I am an Inner Ally and enjoy being there for you guys, a great group they sound great and very nice people to hang out with too.
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