Frank Patek

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Frank is a wild guy!  Not only is he extremely talented as a singer / songwriter, but he is also proficient in several different instruments including rhythm guitar, bass guitar, piano, and drums.  But it's his singing that brings out the beast in him!  Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he says he must have first become interested in music from his mother's womb because he doesn't remember a time he didn't have music in his heart and a song in his head.  He began performing as soon as he could talk.  He and his mother would sing together, entertaining themselves and anyone who happened to be around.  His mother saw the skill in him, the potential, the desire -- and she nurtured it with her whole heart.  Singing is his life.  He gets so energized, puts so much of himself into it, and enjoys it so much.  He takes his feedback from the audience and plays right into their hearts.

Don't miss out on seeing Frank perform with Inner Ally.  He'll be the guy belting out power vocals, wailing on the guitar, and dancing around the stage!

Steve Nelsen


Steve Nelson is known as the strong one of the band, bringing his energy and stamina to Inner Ally on the drums.  It's nothing for Steve to construct a performance platform, do the lion's share of setting up the stage for a performance, and proceed to pound on the drums for a three hour performance in 95 degree heat!  An original co-founder of Inner Ally, Steve has perfected his craft and has provided the percussion for other musical ventures, including RocSaltJohn, his previous band.  Steve is instrumental (no pun intended) in all aspects of the band from the technical side to the marketing side.  Steve has a sense of rhythm that helps keep such a large band as Inner Ally on task and well-paced.  He even raps at karaoke bars !  He loves to serve the community, and has volunteered his time to numerous community festivals.

To hear Steve's footprint on the band, just crank up the bass when listening to your favorite Inner Ally track and be prepared to stomp your feet along with the drums!  Don't miss him showing off his skills at the next Inner Ally event!

Kathy Patek


Kathy is the namesake of Inner Ally's popular track "Kathy's song!" Her husband, band front man Frank Patek, wrote the song for her on their 10th anniversary.  She started her music career singing Elvis songs in her attic with her sister, pretending that a broom handle was a microphone!  She also remembers singing "Leaving on a Jet Plane" on her swing set.  Her grandparents were so enamored with her talents that they brought up a tape recorder from Kentucky to record her singing!

Kathy has sung in her church choirs as well as introducing singing and music to her clients in her daily work activities. Being a member of Inner Ally gives Kathy the perfect opportunity to combine the three great loves of her life: helping others, music, and her husband.  She's a tremendous asset to the band — her on-stage energy is infectious and gets the audience on their feet at concerts.  Kathy hopes that Inner Ally's fans experience the same joy at the band's concerts that she has while performing.

Look for Kathy at upcoming Inner Ally events.  She'll be the one onstage who never runs out of energy!

Katherine Greiner


Katherine is known as the funky and free-spirited lead female vocalist of Inner Ally.  She learned how to sing in church choir starting at age-seven which birthed her love for singing.  Katherine has been involved in music her whole life!  As a young adult, Katherine was an integral part of a blues band, and has since lent her glorious vocal chops to numerous area groups.  However, at her core, Katherine says, "I am a rocker!"
Inner Ally's mission of bettering the community is a natural for Katherine, and she hopes that our fans get a break from all the problems of this dark, confusing world at our concerts, and see more of the solutions!

Steve Suess

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Steve Suess has loved music since he grew ears, and his interest in playing guitar was driven by his enjoyment of hard rock music coupled with inspiration from a high school friend back in the ‘80s who played guitar very well and still loves to rock it.  He played rhythm guitar in his early years with a few garage bands, and steadily progressed in his ability to sing and improvise on lead guitar by learning to “feel it”.  He also has a wide vocal range, and just loves to sing and play with the goal of bringing joy and happiness to anyone who could use a little of both.

Steve wants you to be encouraged by his uplifting attitude and his music.  Don’t be surprised if he throws in an ‘80s hard rock-style guitar riff every so often.  He really can’t resist it.

Christopher Potts

Bass Guitar

Chris enjoys bringing the low end to rock and roll classics as well as Inner Ally originals.  Chris’ credits his musical roots largely to his mom’s insistence that all the kids play a musical instrument early on.  Chris started out on piano, progressed to violin, and then switched to string bass and later transitioned to electric bass.

Chris hopes that as Inner Ally rocks the house, our fans would have a blast!  We certainly do!